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Spend Saturday morning 8:30am- NOON, April 5th with Northeast Doulas and friends!

Come and celebrate our 2nd annual “NO CHILD WET BEHIND” Diaper Drive and fundraiser! The very needy beneficiary of our diaper collection will be The Westchester Coalition For The Hungry And Homeless so be sure and bring the biggest bag of diapers possible!

Did you know…... Read more


We were madly in love and I had just birthed our baby about a week and a half prior. The oxytocin was flowing like crazy and our new little family was blissfully bonding.

I remember my husband sitting with me while I was breastfeeding. He would stare lovingly at our little girl and I, while she and I tried to figure out the intimacy and awkwardness of early breastfeeding. He would stroke her feet, chuckle at her tiny gulping sounds and offer her his finger for her tight fisted grip.... Read more


Oooops, I farted???

When did I lose control over my ability to make a fart completely disappear before it ever even made it out of my butt???

I’ll tell you when. When I got pregnant!

Prior to pregnancy, there were certain things that I had intended to keep private and personal. Things that I didn’t even plan to share with Jerry Patterson. One of those things was…. FARTS.... Read more

Parenting our children... By far, the most responsibility EVER bestowed upon us. 

AND... there is no training, certifying, licensing etc. required for this all consuming position. 

We do the best we can, we do it based on what is morally and ethically important to us and we do our best to avoid judgment from others along the way. ... Read more


The bartender says to the activist, “what can I get you?”

The activist replies, “Water. I don’t drink anything but water. Soda, juice… all bad! They’re full of sugar. Alcohol is poisonous to the body, mind and spirit. It erodes the liver, its addictive, it deteriorates the skin, decreases your response time in emergency situations… And do I even have to mention driving while under the influence of alcohol?!? Drinking is BAD! No, I would never drink alcohol AND no one else should either!”... Read more


I love the holidays.

Jerry Patterson hates them….

Each year as December approaches, the battle begins.

I strive for perfection in all things surrounding the holiday season. From the tree, to the menu, to the gifts, to the cookies. Even the wrapping paper has to be absolutely perfect.

The rest of the world continues with its rude and ugly behavior while gift shopping and is filled with road rage while on the way to the printer to pick up their holiday cards.... Read more