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Saturday Morning Top 10 - Week 4

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Top 10 Reasons To Give Birth At Hudson Valley Hospital Center

After attending hundreds and hundreds of births at Hudson Valley Hospital Center as well as many other birth facilities, I have comprised todays Top 10 list of the amazing reasons why HVHC is a great place to give birth. No… they did not pay me to write this J

10) Tubs in every birthing room. Each labor room is equipped with a hot tub AND women are encouraged to use them!

9) The nursing staff has complete respect for moms, dads AND birth plans. They understand various philosophies regarding birth and do everything they can to help families have the birth that they choose.

8) There is a strong midwifery presence at this facility and tremendous breastfeeding support from IBCLC, Linda LeMon as well as the supportive nursing staff and administrators.

7) Most of the DOCTORS and MIDWIVES are comfortable with water birth and if mother and baby are doing well, water birth can be an option.

6) Intermittent monitoring with Pitocin. This means that even with Pitocin, mom has freedom of movement during labor (including using the tub) if she is on Pitocin!

5) No Routine IV’s. IV’s are only used when necessary.

4) Hudson Valley Hospital is VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and VBA2C (Vaginal Birth After 2 Cesareans) friendly.

3) Breastfeeding/bonding in the Operating Room is not only allowed, it is encouraged.

2) Hudson Valley Hospital is Baby Friendly

And the number 1 reason to have a baby at Hudson Valley Hospital is… they support DOULAS especially, NORTHEAST DOULAS!!!