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Saturday Morning Top 10 - Week 8



Top 10 favorite books

Whenever I go to a baby shower or get a gift for a new baby, I always add a book for the child’s library.  Over the years with my boys we have received many books and several have had written inscriptions from friends and family.  Reading the book was like finding an old letter and the boys always remember who gave them “The Polar Express”.

Here are my top 10 favorite children’s books, and why

10. Teddy’s Busy Day - As you can see from the blog photo, we got our monies worth on this book!  Each page offers your child a new activity to place the cardboard Teddy.  This is the perfect “child on your lap” book.  This was the final book of the night for a very long time. 

9. Guess how much I love you - I got this book while I was pregnant with my first.  I used to read it to him while I was pregnant imagining what it would be like to read it to him when he was on the outside.  I get chocked up to this day when I see that book in a store because of the storm of emotions it brings out of me.  As parents, the book also teaches us how our children want and need to understand that we love them.

8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Like every book by Eric Carle, this book offers the reader the chance to be a part of the book.  In this case, I loved watching my boys put their fingers in the holes of the munching caterpillar.

7. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs -  A great story that really pushes the child’s imagination, with cool illustrations.  When my boys were little, they loved to listen to the story, really listen.  They would disappear into that strange world.

6. 10 Little Dinosaurs - This is one of a series of books with googly eyes.  Each time you turn the page, the eyes are for a different dinosaur.  It took awhile for the boys to understand that the eyes were attached to the book.

5. Are you my Mother? - This was a favorite of mine as a child, and the love continued through my children.  This book came to mind the day we rescued our dog Toby.  He looked up at me as if to say, are you my mother? 

4. If you give a Mouse a Cookie - A classic.  So much so that many other books along the same lines were written.  Kids love how everything is connected, not just the story, but in life itself.

3. Goodnight Zoo - The laughter that would come from my boys, as all the zoo animals would follow the zookeeper home makes me smile just remembering.  No matter how many times you read it, it evokes the same laughter.

2. Brown Bear, Brown Bear - Another Eric Carle book which was unique in its ability to make you remember it word for word.  My boys were so proud of themselves as they thought they were reading the book.  It gave them a great sense of self-confidence even though they were “reading” from memory.

1. The Mitten - A series of books written by Jan Brett with beautiful illustrations.  “The Mitten” captures a nonsense tale of a boy who loses a mitten and it becomes the home to many animals.  An animal sneeze sends the empty mitten into the air and back to the boy, stretched out of shape.  The fun with this book is the anticipation by my boys for the exaggerated sneeze and how it would actually blow them around their room as well.

Other books, Pat the bunny, goodnight moon, where the wild things are, or anything your child wants to hear over and over to get to that comfortable place before bedtime.

Read with your children.  It’s fun.  It helps them learn to speak correctly.  It is part of a bedtime routine that will help them and you have a good night sleep.  Sweet dreams!